Recruit #746


[nsfw headcannon] Whenever Livius see's a certain amount of cleavage showing he can't help but point it out by starring and saying" tits" or "boobs" ect. you awkward recruit you.


//Okay I don’t know if he’d actually say “boobs”, but if he sees a cleavage…yeah he is not subtle when it comes to looking (he never really learned not to).  He has a very expressive face so, yeah.  Boobs.



//I’m too distracted by the boob gif in the meme to reblog it or send questions.

//I’m going to have to draw Lucullus as a human/Zoidberg hybrid eventually.

//What I think went down:

During an attack with the NCR, Livius and his squad are positioned further away from the rest of the legionaries and they’re still waiting for their orders.

Livius volunteers to go find their centurion to get clarification.

Livius spends the entire battle searching for his centurion and dodging bullets.

He finds Silus being dragged away by the NCR.

Probably not the best time to ask for orders.

Livius returns to find his squad deader than a deading dead thing.

Livius runs away.

Livius feels extreme anger and guilt for not being there to protect his squad.

Silus is declared an enemy of the Legion.

Livius redirects his anger, blaming him in a sense.

Livius is revealed to be a projector.